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New Blog engine, new look, new experience, new hope…

Finally! Woohoo! I moved from Joomla engine to well known and one of the best blog engines – WordPress… Smoothly migrated 80+ posts containing pictures, galleries and sample code!  Now, I hope I will be able to post much more often and quicker. Actually, I’ve found Joomla, for many years, very good CMS tool and […]

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Story about Timbuktu, Tombouctou, Mali

A story I really like; Story about Timbuktu (Tombouctou, Mali) There were an Australian and a priest competing against each other. Their scores were equal, so they had to create a verse about “Timbuktu”. The priest began: I was a father, all my life, had no children, had no wife. I read the Bible, through […]

Screen saver killer for windows

The Screensaver killer script Sometimes you have to work in OS where you are not a local admin, or you haven’t been given the credentials instead of someone just logged you in letting you work for a while on his desktop. Most of the time there is a screensaver policy enabled which is set up […]

Doordefender is in Holland

The Doordefender protects your cars doors against paint scratches, door dings and door dents when you park. With its patented magnetic system and sleek sporty design, it easily attaches to any vehicle door to provide superior door damage protection. When the doordefender is not in use, it conveniently stores in your trunk. The doordefender will […]

The powerful Human Cell

Did you know that one human cell contains 75 MaB of genetic information Tongue out 1. One human cell contains 75 MB of genetic information; 2. Therefore one sperm cell (spermatozoid) includes 37,5 MB of data; 3. One ml of semen includes one hundred of millions (100.000.000) of sperm cells; 4. During the ejaculation, lasted […]

Puzzling puzzle the game

Wish you good luck… TIP: Use keyboard’s cursors to rotate the puzzles.      

English name of the keyboard symbols

I was wondering how to call all those keyboard keys … Well here’s a little guide: ~ tilde ` grave accentopening quote , Comma (-, —) Dash (es) ( …, … ) ellipsis ( ! ) exclamation mark ( : ; ) colon/semicolon ( ), [ ], { }, < > brackets (generally) ( ’ […]

How to install java games on Samsung SGH D830

Note: To avoid any problems with drivers is good to install first “Samsung PC Studio” on your PC. Easiest way: Either by Flash memory card or without it – depends from amount of internal memory. – A phone Either with Flash memory card or without connect to PC by data cable, – Copy java files […]

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