Uncategorized October 3, 2013 0

New Blog engine, new look, new experience, new hope…

Finally! Woohoo! I moved from Joomla engine to well known and one of the best blog engines – WordPress… Smoothly migrated…

Uncategorized September 2, 2010 0

Story about Timbuktu, Tombouctou, Mali

A story I really like; Story about Timbuktu (Tombouctou, Mali) There were an Australian and a priest competing against each other….

Uncategorized August 10, 2010 0

Screen saver killer for windows

The Screensaver killer script Sometimes you have to work in OS where you are not a local admin, or you haven’t…

Uncategorized February 28, 2010 0

Doordefender is in Holland

The Doordefender protects your cars doors against paint scratches, door dings and door dents when you park. With its patented magnetic…

Uncategorized March 20, 2009 0

The powerful Human Cell

Did you know that one human cell contains 75 MaB of genetic information Tongue out 1. One human cell contains 75…

Uncategorized September 2, 2008 0

Puzzling puzzle the game

Wish you good luck… TIP: Use keyboard’s cursors to rotate the puzzles.      

Uncategorized April 15, 2008 2

How to install java games on Samsung SGH D830

Note: To avoid any problems with drivers is good to install first “Samsung PC Studio” on your PC. Easiest way: Either…

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