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New Blog engine, new look, new experience, new hope…

Finally! Woohoo!

wordpress-logo-blueI moved from Joomla engine to well known and one of the best blog engines – WordPress… Smoothly migrated 80+ posts containing pictures, galleries and sample code!  Now, I hope I will be able to post much more often and quicker.


Actually, I’ve found Joomla, for many years, very good CMS tool and blog engine, which can be successfully used for a blog, private (password protected) video and picture galleries, and whatever you want – pretty flexible in terms of design and offers lots of plugins to customize your website. But I must admit it was always a pain to post any technical articles in a smooth way… in certain way discouraging.

What I mean is that in Joomla you have to maintain all that large amount of plugins responsible for pictures, code highlights, comments and whole bunch of additional components and add-ons which make your website a nice/fancy looking one, but plugin vendors dependant at the same time. After a while you would find some plugin not compatible or not working as expected and there is nothing you can do but wait until it is fixed or replace it to something else, but then you would have to edit every single post which does use it to make it valid again.

Another drawback is that my website has been hacked several times, even if I was applying all security patches immediately and on time.

WordPress, on the other hand, offers most of the functionality, which is needed for casual posting, out of the box and I found it much more easy to maintain than Joomla. I needed barely four additional plugins to OOTB WordPress, in order to get the same functionality I used to have in Joomla having more than 12+ additional add-ons and website components. Besides, I found WordPress much lighter, faster, producing less database load engine.

Additional plugins I’ve deployed:

  • Crayon Syntax Highlighter
  • Easy FancyBox – for pictures and galleries presentations
  • Pop! Entradas Populares para WordPress – “popular articles” menu widget
  • Google XML Sitemaps

Plugins only used for migration from Joomla to WordPress:

  • All in one Favicon
  • FG Joomla to WordPress

If you have any questions regarding to migration from Joomla to WordPress please let me know. I’m willing to share my experience with you folks.


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