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The powerful Human Cell

Did you know that one human cell contains 75 MaB of genetic information Tongue out

1. One human cell contains 75 MB of genetic information;

2. Therefore one sperm cell (spermatozoid) includes 37,5 MB of data;

3. One ml of semen includes one hundred of millions (100.000.000) of sperm cells;

4. During the ejaculation, lasted approximately 5 secs 2.25 ml of semen is being released

5. From the calculations we receive that data throughput of the male penis is

  • (37.5 MB x 100 MB x 2.25) / 5 = 1687.5 terabytes per second!

6. As a result, we know that the female ovum is able to withstand DDoS attacks on volume of more than 1.5 Petabyte per second,while let in only one data packet. Thus, this is the best hardware firewall in the world!!

7. But there is only one flaw… its single package that has allowed to enter the system…. it crashes the whole system for next 9 months!!

Cheers !!