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Around The World Flight 70 Vagar to Stavanger

Embark on the next thrilling stage of our adventure as we depart from the captivating landscapes of the Faroe Islands and set our sights on the charming city of Stavanger in Norway.

Stavanger, Norway (Photo by Oleksii T, Unsplash)

Our destination

Leaving behind the breathtaking vistas of Vagar, we soar above the North Atlantic, bound for the stunning shores of Stavanger. Our flight will take us across the vast expanse of the Norwegian Sea, offering panoramic views of rugged coastlines and serene fjords.

Stavanger is a captivating city located on the southwestern coast of Norway. Known for its rich history, picturesque scenery, and vibrant culture, Stavanger offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. Stavanger’s waterfront is a bustling hub, with its picturesque harbor serving as a gateway to the stunning Norwegian fjords and islands.

Stavanger Airport (IATA: SVG, ICAO: ENZV), commonly just known as Sola is the primary international airport serving the city of Stavanger and the surrounding region in southwestern Norway. Located in the municipality of Sola, the airport is approximately 14 kilometers southwest of Stavanger’s city center. Sola is one of Norway’s busiest airports and plays a vital role in connecting the region with domestic and international destinations.

Flight Information

Departure: Vagar (EKVG)

Arrival: Stavanger (ENZV)

AircraftHonda HA-420 HondaJet
Route & DistanceEKVG CONNY VALDI FAKSO TRL UPDER SOGTI ENZV [559 nmi, 1036 km]
Flight Plan FilesFP-BGSF-BIKF (.pln)

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Around The World – Leg 70
Distance: 34274 nm, 63475 km

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Next flight: Stavanger to Copenhagen, stay tuned!

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