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Around The World Flight 3, Marseilles to Sion

Travel deep into the Swiss Alps to Sion and experience the majestic splendour of the Matterhorn.

Switzerland Alps

One of the most challenging flights of the itinerary sees us leaving France and heading east, high into the Alps and the Swiss Alpine airport at Sion. Here, you will need your wits about you as you tackle one of the world most dangerous approaches. The scenery is dramatic and beautiful, but try not to be too distracted as the approach is best described as hair raising!

SionThe trick here is to maintain altitude for as long as possible, to give maximum clearance from the alpine peaks. Then descend sharply into the valley at the head of the airport, following the path of the valley onto the runway. If you are using the default air traffic control you may wish to disable it at the head of the valley and track along the valley visually. 3.LFML-LSGSThe default air traffic control can have a nasty habit of directing an aircraft into the nearest peak! Better to not use it, just plan your flight according to current weather condition and fly without ATC. Keep your airspeed low and manageable and keep your eye on the valley and the runway ahead and all should be fine. If you are looking for a real challenge try to fly with winds and turbulence!

Flight Information

Marseilles (LFML)Sion (LSGS)
AircraftDaher TBM 930
Waypoints & DistanceLFML MTL OMASI LSGS 
225nm (416,7km)
Flight PlanFP_LFML-LSGS (zipn) (PlanG)

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Distance: 5724 nm, 1341 km

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