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Around The World Flight 4, Sion to Bilbao

Traverse the Alps and fly abeam the Pyrennees in a dramatic flight as the Around The World trip reaches Spanish shores at Bilbao


 From the Alps we head west across France and into Spain to the coastal town of Bilbao. 4.LSGS-LEBBOn departure from Sion climb rapidly, following the valley until you are above the adjacent peaks and then turn towards Bilbao. You should have plenty of room in the valley to gain altitude before making the final turn to the departure course. Sit back and watch the Alps unfold beneath the aircraft as one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles creates a stunning vista under your wings. Once clear of the Alps the remainder of the flight is plain and simple flying until reaching the Atlantic coast of Spain and a picturesque coastal arrival into the city of Bilbao.

Flight Information LSGS to LEBB (IFR)
Departure Sion (LSGS)LSGS
Destination Bilbao (LEBB)
Aircraft Epic E1000
Cruising altitude 18000 ft. (5486.4m)4.ATW Plan Elevation
Date & Time June 29, 2015 08:25 CEST
Waypoints & Distance


LEBB (493nm, 913km)


Flight Plan &

Scenery Tiles



Scenery Tiles

 Photo Gallery

Around The World flight 4 – Journey’s Progress:


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Inspired by: First Class Simulations

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