Oracle, Oracle Database August 18, 2010 3

Creating an online Phone Book with Oracle Database and SQLDeveloper

This tutorial shows how to create an Online Phone Book with search feature using Oracle Database and SQLDeveloper. What’s needed? Oracle…

Oracle, Oracle SOA Suite August 9, 2010 0

JVM memory allocation between the managed servers in WLS 10.3

Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3 comes with default configuration of the JVM memory distribution between the managed servers. Assuming we have the…

Oracle July 30, 2010 0

Identifying locked objects and killing the session in DB

Common error: ORA-00054: resource busy and acquire with NOWAIT specified To identify all locked sessions in an Oracle database: Query 1:…

Oracle, Oracle Database June 14, 2010 2

Orcle APEX Manage HTTP remote access

Manage HTTP Access in Application Express 3.0 After default installation of Oracle APEX 3.0, remote users are not allowed to access…

Oracle, Oracle SOA Suite June 11, 2010 4

Installing Oracle AIA 11g Foundation Pack on Linux 64bit

Installation of Oracle Application Intergration Architecture Foundation Pack (AIA) 11g including Oracle SOA Suite 11g with Oracle BAM 11g on Oracle…

Oracle, Oracle SOA Suite May 26, 2010 1

How to uninstall Oracle SOA Suite 11g & WebLogic Server

This short demo demonstrates how to uninstall Oracle SOA Suite 11g including WebLogic platform and database schemas. Go to uninstall directory…

Oracle April 26, 2010 5

Oracle DBA Interview Questions Answered: UNIX

View Also: Oracle DBA Interview Questions Answered: Technical 1. Q: How do you automate starting and shutting down of databases in…

Oracle March 5, 2010 2

Drop multiple tables from users schemas

Scenario: To drop, truncate multiple or all tables from user’s schema. Let’s suppose we’ve got the following tables in user’s schema…

Oracle, Oracle Database March 2, 2010 0

Problem when creating the SQL Profile

Scenario: UserX tries to run SQL Tuning Advisor on a long running SELECT query in the database. The SQL Tuning Advisor…

Oracle, Oracle Database January 21, 2010 15

How to uninstall Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Installer 11g doesn’t provide “uninstall database” option… In order to uninstall Oracle Database 11g go to “deinstall” directory in $ORACLE_HOME:…

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