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Oracle, Oracle Database March 15, 2014 13

Installing Oracle Database 12c R1 on Linux 6 with ASM

In previous article we covered operating system installation: Installing Oracle Linux 6 and preparing for Oracle Software installations. It is a prerequisite…

Oracle, Oracle Database December 11, 2012 24

Data Masking with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control

Data Masking in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control This tutorial shows you how to identify sensitive data, create Application Data…

Oracle, Oracle Database May 15, 2012 20

Installing Oracle Database 11g R2 on Linux with ASM

In this guide we are going to cover Oracle Database 11g R2 installation on Linux with ASM. Automatic Storage Management (ASM)…

Oracle, Oracle Database April 27, 2012 0

Installing Oracle Database 11g R2 on Linux

In article Installing Oracle Linux in VMware virtual machine we covered installation of Oracle Linux 5U8 including oracle-validated package. Now, our…

Oracle, Oracle Database December 1, 2010 1

DBMS_STATS in an Oracle Database

DBMS_STATS in an Oracle Database Using DBMS_STATS package to gather Oracle dictionary statistics. 1. To gather table statistics with DBMS_STATS SQL>…

Oracle, Oracle Database August 18, 2010 3

Creating an online Phone Book with Oracle Database and SQLDeveloper

This tutorial shows how to create an Online Phone Book with search feature using Oracle Database and SQLDeveloper. What’s needed? Oracle…

Oracle, Oracle Database June 14, 2010 2

Orcle APEX Manage HTTP remote access

Manage HTTP Access in Application Express 3.0 After default installation of Oracle APEX 3.0, remote users are not allowed to access…

Oracle, Oracle Database March 2, 2010 0

Problem when creating the SQL Profile

Scenario: UserX tries to run SQL Tuning Advisor on a long running SELECT query in the database. The SQL Tuning Advisor…

Oracle, Oracle Database January 21, 2010 15

How to uninstall Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Installer 11g doesn’t provide “uninstall database” option… In order to uninstall Oracle Database 11g go to “deinstall” directory in $ORACLE_HOME:…

Oracle, Oracle Database April 4, 2008 0

Passwords in Oracle Database

Fact sheet about Oracle database passwords Oracle Password Algorithm (7-10g Rel.2) (Designed by Bob Baldwin) Up to 30 characters long. All…

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