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Around The World Flight 20, Juba to Entebbe

Flight 20 takes us to Uganda. We arrive at Entebbe airport, scene of a dramatic hijacking and rescue operation in 1976.

Entebbe Postcard

We cross into Uganda and land at the Entebbe International Airport. In 1976, Air France Flight 139 from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked and taken to Entebbe. Israeli commandos rescued the hostages. The operation took place at night. Israeli transport planes carried 100 commandos to Uganda for the rescue operation. The operation, which took a week of planning, lasted 90 minutes. 102 hostages were rescued (wikipedia).

As aviators we also remember the courage of the Air France flight crew of 12 who steadfastly refused to leave their passengers behind when offered freedom. The pilots and crew continued to support the passengers until rescue. Captain Bacos was awarded the Legion of Honour, and the other crew members were awarded the French Order of Merit.

Flight Information HSSJ-HUEN (IFR)
Departure Juba (HSSJ)HSSJ_Airport


Entebbe (HUEN)HUEN_Airport

Aircraft Airbus a320neo
Cruising altitude FL200, 20000ft, 6096m (6.1km)
Date & Time April 18, 2016 16:15 Zulu

Waypoints &



653.1nm (1209.5km ), TAS: 320Kts, Time 2:02

Flight Plan &

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Scenery: X-Plane default

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Local trip, flying over Ruiga Bay

Around The World – leg 20 journey progress:

Around The World - leg 20 journey progress

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