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After hours December 8, 2019 0

Around The World Flight 35, Dubai to Karachi

Leaving the magnificent city of Dubai and heading to Karachi in Pakistan – one of the world’s largest cities. Our new…

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After hours, F-Sim July 6, 2019 0

Around The World Flight 34, Mori to Dubai

It is about time to visit some large airport! Our next destination is the city of Dubai in the United Arab…

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After hours, F-Sim May 23, 2019 0

Around The World Flight 33, Mogadishu to Mori

We are leaving Africa and we are heading to the Middle East. Our next destination is Mori in Yemen. Crossing the…

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New Mogadishu Somalia
After hours, F-Sim May 9, 2019 0

Around The World Flight 32, Kisimayu to Mogadishu

After a break in Africa, we fly again along the coast of Somalia to the capital of Mogadishu. It’s been some…

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After hours, F-Sim January 26, 2015 0

X-Plane 10 Flight Simulator Home Edition

Here is my story about the  flight simulator called X-PLANE. I would like to share my experience about this flight sim, my desktop’s hardware specification,  controllers that I’m…

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