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Around The World Flight 17, Luxor to Khartoum

Cruising at high altitude over Egypt brings us to Khartoum in Sudan, where the White Nile meets the Blue Nile. We will be cruising at the high altitude of 35000ft, hopefully the weather will be good enough so we can see from the above, how massive the continent of Afrika is. At Khartoum the White Nile, coming […]

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Around The World Flight 16, Cairo to Luxor

The eye-catching flight along the Nile at low altitude brings us to Luxor, in southern Egypt. Flying along the Nile at low altitudes gives us opportunity to see how this part of the continent was developing through ages. Large cities and small towns were growing along the life-giving river. We can spot thousands of canals and channels dug deep into the desert, only to […]

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