Resolve Middleware problems faster with Remote Diagnostic Agent

Resolve Middleware Problems Faster! Use Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA)

Source: (Doc ID 1498376.1)

Comprehensive Data Collection

Remote Diagnostic Agent is a command-line tool which collects configuration and diagnostic data related to:

  • Operating System and Environment
    • Memory, CPU and Disk data
    • OS Patches and Packages
    • Environment Settings
    • Network configuration and statistics
  • Targeted Oracle Product(s)
    • Install Version and Patch information
    • All configuration and log files
    • Metrics (e.g Status Info, DMS Dump, MBean values)

Product Specific Health Checks

RDA also offers pre and post install health checks. Use a pre install check to discover if your host environment complies with Fusion Middleware system requirements. Run a post install check to bring to light configuration settings which may cause issues if not changed. Don’t wait for a problem to arise. Get proactive, take advantage of the health checks today!

Reduce Problem Resolution Time

Oracle Support may request RDA output because it reduces problem resolution time by minimizing the number of requests for more information. RDA is unobtrusive. It does not modify systems and a security filter is provided if required.

WebLogic Server Profile : Default Values and Suppression of Questions

Tip: Expedite result set configuration by setting ORACLE_HOME and DOMAIN_HOME environment variables beforehand.

Example – Target the following for data collection

  • Oracle WebLogic Server installed on a Unix machine
  • Domain – ‘my_domain’
ORACLE_HOME=/u01/app/product/fmw/software/wlserver_10.3; export ORACLE_HOME 
DOMAIN_HOME=/u01/app/product/fmw/config/domains/my_domain; export DOMAIN_HOME -S -p WebLogicServer

 If RDA finds the environment variables above set, questions are suppressed and/or default answers are provided which can be accepted by hitting return.

Source: (Doc ID 1498376.1)

Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware – Diagnostic Tools (Doc ID 1389188.1)

Remote Diagnostic Agent (RDA) and Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM)

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Other Fusion Middleware Diagnostic Tools

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Inventory Reports

  • The Inventory Report displays data that is uploaded by the configuration manager collector. — ACT

Patch Recommendations

  • Patch recommendations identify configurations that are uploaded through the configuration manager release 10.3.2 or higher that are missing recommended patches issued by Oracle. — ACT

Source: (Doc ID 1389188.1)