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Configure SSL in WebLogic Server Domain

Quick guide on how to implement SSL in WebLogic Server domain. Custom Identity and Custom Trust with self-signed certificate.

First, let’s create custom directory to store self-signed certificate, custom keystore and custom trust store files:

mkdir -p /u01/app/oracle/config/domains/wls12c_domain/security/SSL

Modify input variables according to your requirements and run below script on WebLogic Server host. This script will automate entire procedure and does the following:

  • create keystore
  • create self-signed certificate
  • export the server certificate
  • create Trust Store

#Script: Generate Keystore
cd ${DOMAIN_HOME}/security/SSL

DNAME=", OU=ZION Support, O=ZION Inc, L=Gotham, ST=StateOfMind, C=EU"

echo "Creating keystore"
${JDK_HOME}/keytool -genkey -alias ${ALIAS} -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -sigalg SHA256withRSA -dname "${DNAME}" -keypass ${KEYPASS} -keystore ${IDENTITY_JKS} -storepass ${STOREPASS}

#Self Signing the Certificate
echo "Self Signing the Certificate"
${JDK_HOME}/keytool -selfcert -alias ${ALIAS} -dname "${DNAME}" -keypass ${KEYPASS} -keystore ${IDENTITY_JKS} -storepass ${STOREPASS}

#Exporting the Server certificate
echo "Exporting the Server certificate"
${JDK_HOME}/keytool -export -alias ${ALIAS} -file ${CERT_CER} -keystore ${IDENTITY_JKS} -storepass ${STOREPASS}

#Creating Trust Store
echo "Creating Trust Store"
${JDK_HOME}/keytool -import -alias ${ALIAS} -file ${CERT_CER} -keystore ${TRUST_JKS} -sigalg SHA256withRSA -storepass ${STOREPASS} -noprompt

echo ""
echo "Done"
echo ""

To check the content of the keystore

keytool -v -list -keystore identity.jks

Next, Login to Weblogic Server Admin Console, go to Servers and select the managed server you want to update.

  1. Go to Configuration -> Keystore tab
  2. Click the Change button under Keystore Configuration and select Custom Identity and Custom Trust
  3. For the Custom Identity Keystore, enter the path to identity.jks file, next type in Keystore type: JKS
  4. Enter your Custom Identity Keystore Passphrase as the password
  5. For the Custom Trust Keystore: enter the path to trust.jks file
  6. Keystore Type: JKS. Click Save button
  7. Go to Configuration -> Keystore -> SSL tab
  8. Enter the server certificate key alias (in our example: zion), and the keystore password
  9. Click Save to apply the changes.

Finally go to Configuration -> General tab and enable managed server to be listening on SSL port. Save changes.

You need to reboot WebLogic managed servers for the changes to take effect.

Extra tip: You may like the following WLST script which will automate the WebLogic Server configuration part – WLS_configure_SSL