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Session timeout Oracle Application Server Control

Using the Application Server Control to change the session timeout.

To change the session timeout for an Application Server users perform following tasks:

1. Log in to the Application Server Control with administrative rights.

  • You have to determine, in which instance “ascontrol” application is up and running, usually it’s “home” instance

2. Navigate to following section in AS Control:

  • Cluster Topology > Application Server: mtsoa.hostname > OC4J: home > Application: ascontrol > Web Module: ascontrol

3. Go to Administration Tab of Web Module: ascontrol and edit Configuration Properties

4. Set value for “Session Timeout” in seconds (for ex.: 3600 indicates 1 hour)

  • NOTE: Negative value indicates no timeout. Zero implies immediate timeout.

5. Click OK to apply new settings. No restarts needed.

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