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How to change password for Application Server users

To change the oc4jadmin password for a remote account without using Application Server Control:

1. Log in to the operating system where the remote OC4J is installed and running.

  • You have to determine, in which instance “ascontrol” application is up and running, usually it’s “home” instance

2. Locate the following configuration file in the $ORACLE_HOME of the OC4J (home) instance:


3. Use a text editor to open the system-jazn-data.xml file and locate the following entry for the oc4jadmin user:

<display-name>OC4J Administrator</display-name>
<description>OC4J Administrator</description>


4. Replace the value of the <credentials> element with the new password. Be sure to include an exclamation point character (!) before the password.

For example:


In this example, new_password_321 with is the actual password you want to use.

The exclamation point ensures that the password will be encrypted in the configuration file.

5. Save your changes and exit the system-jazn-data.xml file.

6. Restart an instance.

For example, use the following Oracle Process Manager and Notification Server (OPMN) commands to stop and then start the Oracle Application Server all instances:

$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl shutdown
$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl startall

###You can also just restart instances separately :

$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl restartproc process-type=home
$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl restartproc process-type=oc4j_soa
$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl restartproc process-type=HTTP_Server


7. Once an instance has been restarted, you can display system-jazn-data.xml again to check whether the new password has been encrypted.