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How To Setup SSH equivalence , password-less SSH authentication

Imagine you have to administer more than one Linux hosts in your network, or clustered environment. You would like to connect to each host in your environment in a secured way, but without providing the password each time. Here’s is a quick guide how to configure your hosts for password less authentications. We have host-1 and host-2 […]

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How to multiply control files in Oracle DB RAC 11g

This examle shows how to multiply control files in Oracle Database RAC 11g. An example cluster database racdb1 is up and running on two nodes (rac1 and rac2) Two database instances: [racdb11] and [racdb12] 1. SHUTDOWN the database and start an instance [racdb11] only on the first node (rac1) and check the current configuration. Next, shutdown […]

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